Welcome to The Train Station
Personal Training offering a unique personal training experience, in your own home, throughout West London.

We believe exercise is an essential ingredient for a healthy, happy and active lifestyle. Each client has a different aspiration, nutritional need and level of fitness and our aim is to help them develop this. We want your sessions to be enjoyable, challenging and result driven.

We can help you achieve your desired goal: Muscle toning, weight loss, improved general health, increased core strength, postural correction, increased energy and stamina levels, stress management, confidence building and body conditioning.
We realise that one size doesn't fit all so you will receive a bespoke programme tailored to your individual needs which is constantly reviewed to make sure it progresses as you progress.
Our service doesn't end at the end of the session and we are on-hand to offer tips and advice whenever you need it. You will be given motivation, encouragement and shown the correct technique.

This is a great opportunity to exercise with your partner, friend or work colleague to split the cost or share your experience. Individual attention, goal setting and techniques are given. This is a great opportunity to use your lunch break to get fit.

Ante Natal & Post Natal One2One Sessions
This program is specifically tailored for clients who are pregnant or have recently given birth.
The focus of each session is to improve posture, general health, well-being and for the postnatal client, weight-loss.

Metafit Bodyweight Training System
Some clients find it hard to fit in a 1 hour session 2-3 times a week. With this in mind, I’m now offering an intensive 30 minute session using the Metafit system. This approach is similar to using kettlebells - a functional, fat burning, metabolism booster but, without using any equipment. The interval workout is based purely on using your own bodyweight with a series of challenging interval exercises. After a session your body will feel the effects over the next 24 hours.

Aqua Aerobics Sessions
If you are lucky enough to own your own swimming pool we offer one2one aqua sessions.

Kettlebell Workshops (As featured in the Henley Standard newspaper)
We are pleased to offer an ‘Introduction to Kettlebells Workshop’ where you will learn how to Swing, Clean & Press, Snatch and Turkish Get-up. This is the opportunity to improve your cardio endurance without hitting the treadmill and to add a new dimension to your workouts without ever getting bored. Learn more here - WHAT ARE KETTLEBELLS?

We believe a balanced, healthy diet is an important part of reaching your goal whether it is running a marathon or losing weight. As part of our service we will help analyse your diet to make sure you are getting the most out of what you eat. The focus is very much on keeping the approach realistic and sometimes only small changes can make a big difference.

Getting married
This is a boot camp style approach leading up to your big day to make sure you look and feel your very best.

Tailored program
If you are happy to push and motivate yourself but would like to learn new exercises or you have a specific area you would like to improve then we can offer you a 1 hour session followed by a 4 week program to take home. Regular contact via email and phone is encouraged and we are on hand to offer you guidance and advice whenever you need it.

Weight Loss
If you want to exercise to lose weight our approach to weight loss offers results

Sport Conditioning
Whether you want to improve your golf swing, complete your first marathon or 5km or improve your time for a triathlon we can help you do this. Tailored sessions and a specific program to encourage discipline and progression.