Antenatal Exercise
Exercising whilst pregnant is about maintaining health and improving general
well-being. Studies have shown that exercise whilst pregnant has many benefits to mum and baby. It can help to reduce pregnancy symptoms.

Postnatal Exercise
Once you have had your 6 week check and have been given the all clear by your GP or midwife you will be able to gently get back into exercising.

Whilst we can’t guarantee you will get more sleep once the baby has arrived we can guarantee there are many positive benefits that you will experience once you start exercising.
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General Health
Boosted immune system, improved sleep quality, improved digestion, improved circulation
Body Composition
Increased lean muscle, increased metabolic rate, increased fat loss, increased calorific burning
Emotional Well-being
Increased production of endorphins, enhanced self-image and self confidence, personal satisfaction
Improved core stability, awareness of posture while feeding/lifting/carrying baby
Functional Capacity
Increased strength and endurance for daily living, improved aerobic fitness, improved pelvic floor functioning, reduced fatigue and increased energy levels.
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